Embossed Pencil Cup

You learned how to emboss on acrylic in this post. And now you can put those skills to the test by decorating a pencil cup!

You'll need:
Library Stamp Kit
Acrylic Pencil Cup (this one is from Target)
VersaMark Ink Pad
Embossing Powder
Embossing Heat Tool

After giving your rubber stamp a good coating of the VersaMark, stamp straight down onto the surface and then straight back up. A firm, steady hand is key. If it did slide, immediately forgive yourself, wash off the surface, and try again!

Start with your first color. Your embossing powder is going to try to hold on for dear life to the acrylic, you can thank static electricity for that! After knocking off the loose powder you may have to use a small paint brush to gently "sweep" the areas around your image clean.

Once you have cleaned the area of loose powder, you can now stamp your second image onto the cup and then add the blue embossing powder.

Repeat the same steps of tapping lightly to remove the loose powder and then use a small paint brush to clean the rest.

Now for the heat! Hold the heat gun a few inches away from the surface of your cup. moving in small circles around the stamped image.

Acrylic is VERY sensitive to heat. If you leave the heat gun on it for too long your acrylic will warp, melt or even catch on fire! Be very careful. If you see your acrylic starting to warp turn your heat off and let it cool. It may take a couple passes to get the embossing powder set this way, but so much better than starting a fire! 

Stamp Storage

This blog post is a result of my mom needing a place to store all of her rubber stamps. She would forget which ones she had, and didn't have an organized place to keep them. She and I were at Ikea this weekend looking for something and came across the wooden drawers. (There is also a six drawer set for even more stamps!) Now, one of the great things about Felicette's ink pads is that they are multi-purpose and can be used on wood! 

Take your plain box

And all your stamps and ink pads

Then next start stamping the front of the drawers with what stamp will be inside!

By stamping on the outside what you have on the inside you get a colorful and well organized stamp storage. There are few things I love more than organizing! (and stamps)

Make your own Coloring Books

Rubber stamps can be used as just more than embellishments, but I mean how great are they stamped on your envelope? You can also use them to make your own coloring books. Stamp the pages for your kids or have them do it. Bring them to restaurants for a little quiet time or pull them out on a rainy day!


You'll need:
Assorted Stamps and Ink Pads
Blank Cards for Stamping
Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils

Since your cards are already folded in half all you need to do is decide how many pages you want and then staple! I used three cards for my booklet. Staple inside the crease of each book to hold it together. 


Stamp your images inside the booklet to later be colored in. You can stamp them in all black (like regular color books) or use colored inks.


Now your book is ready to be colored in, or save it for later!