The National Stationery Show

The National Stationery Show is an annual wholesale trade show in New York City that specializes in paper and gift products. I have been dreaming of seeing this show in person for over five years, and it did not disappoint. It was my fist time in New York City and while we were only there about 24 hours we managed to squeeze in a bit of sight seeing. 

There were more than 750 vendors and walking it was overwhelming to say the least. I managed to completely miss one of my friend's booths, even though I wrote down her number before I even got there! Sonja of At Some Point Press has wonderful stationery, I mean look at her Instagram and see how great her space is! I've been so upset with myself. Here are a few of the booths I was able to stop and see!

The Little Red House

Smarty Pants Paper Co. 

Lionheart Prints

Casey Barber Shop

Frankie & Claude

Stamped Place Cards

Are you not the best calligrapher or hand letterer, but want that look for your shower or party? I am right there with you! I can letter names and text one at a time and can do it for stamps, but to attempt place cards, I would need a ton of spares.

By stamping the cards you don't have to letter each lady's name in your bridal party or those who came to your baby shower, and BONUS you also have a parting gift for them!

These are already made placecards I picked up at Target in their bargain bin, and custom made name stamps for the people in attendance at the shower. It is as easy as stamping on their name and letting the ink dry!

Once you are done stamping, pair the stamp with a set of blank notecards and a little ink pad, and you have a wonderfully special gift for your friends. 

Happy Stamping!

Stamped Watercolor Cards

Instead of stamping on a plain piece of paper, why not give your background a little flair? Painting a quick watercolor background is an easy way to add color and personality. And you can totally say, "I painted that."


You'll need
Rubber Stamps (Thank You, Tandem Bicycle)
Watercolor Paints (I use this set, but you can use any kind of water colors. Even the set that comes with kid's coloring books)
Blank Cards & Envelopes

Start by brushing water across your paper where you will be painting. Then add your color. Starting with small amounts, let the water move the color around for you. For a more blended look use more water. You can always add more color and keep building your layers, but to start, keep it light! 

If you end up with too much water on your paper, and it is taking forever to dry, use a paper tower to dab up (is that a phrase?) the excess.

Allow your cards to fully dry. You don't wan't your ink to run.

Stamp on your images, and you are done!