Valentine Tea Towel DIY


Show your kitchen some love during February with this stamped edge heart tea towel. Grab a plain flour sack towel a couple of VersaCraft inks and the heart chain stamp and you are ready to go!

You'll need:
Felicette Heart Chain Stamp
VersaCraft Ink Pads
Cotton Tea Towel (mine is from Target)

Since I chose two different pink inks for this project I decided to alternate the colors on each end of the tea towel. One side is light pink, cherry pink, light pink and the opposite side is cherry pink, light pink, cherry pink. When stamping your rows make sure your stamp is level with the line of hearts below it so you keep a consistent line across. 

The trickiest part is connecting your hearts. The simplest way to make sure your heart chain doesn't have any breaks is to have the first heart on the stamp overlap the last heart on the towel a bit. You can check this by watching the left hand side of the stamp before you fully make your impression.  

Once you have finished decorating your towel allow the ink to fully dry. Next, the VersaCraft ink will need to be heat set to make your towel washing machine safe. Iron over your design with a hot dry iron for about 15 seconds per section. It's always good to over iron (but not burn) because if the ink isn't set it will wash out. 


Happy Love Day my nerds!

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