Stamped Fabric Gift Wrap

Today I turn 30 and I am pretty excited about it, maybe it's because I've finally (kind of?) got some of my sh*t together. My 20s felt like a mess of trying to figure out my place in life and what I actually wanted to do. Two degrees, a few moves, and a couple wrong turns later I think I finally know what I want. And the wrong turns only made my journey all the sweeter to where I am now.

I don't think I am cool enough to be in my 20s anymore anyway. There is absolutely no way I can pull off saying things like "on fleek" and "yolo." Just leave me with my 90s slang, it was all that and a bag of chips!

Today's post is a birthday DIY (how on topic you say) that will show you the steps of making your own stamped fabric gift wrap. Fabric gift wrap is also known as furoshiki, which is a traditional Japanese cloth-folding technique that allows you to wrap objects of various shapes and sizes in a single piece of cloth. Best of all? It's reusable, use again and again as gift wrap or use it in your kitchen as a tea towel!

You'll need:
Felicette Birthday Rubber Stamps
VersaCraft Ink Pads
Square piece of fabric (I used a tea towel)
An iron
Your present to wrap

Stamp your fabric all over with the birthday stamps. I did a random pattern so it could be viewed from any direction. Once you have finished stamping allow the ink to completely dry and then heat set with an iron. You can read more about that in this tutorial

The folded style we are doing here is the Yotsu Musubi, 4-tie wrap. These are all kinds of fun styles to try, this chart comes from the Japanese Government

Center your box in the fabric square at a diagonal

Bring the two corners facing the longest side of the box to the center and tie.

Bring in the last two corners and tie.

Tie the final not, and now you are all finished and ready to gift!

Happy Stamping! And for my fellow groundhogs, Happy Birthday!

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