Ink Pads: Part 1

It's time we talked ink. There are two ink pads that I use for almost all of my stamp projects, Memento Dew Drops and VersaCraft. They are both made by the Japanese company Tsukineko. They are my favorite ink pad manufacture and make the highest quality products. I choose the smaller size of ink pads because you can use them on small or large stamps, and I can easily store (and afford) oodles of colors! 

Memento Dew Drop ink pads are extraordinary water-based, fade-resistant, and acid free dye inks which makes them perfect for direct-to-paper methods.

Use this ink pad for making cards, scrapbooking, gift wrap, to/from tags, your own stationery, use it with your personal library stamp in a book, decorate envelopes and boxes, embellish a notebook, make a party hat!

The smaller size and dew drop shape allows the pad can get into little spots on a stamp to capture fine details that other ink pads just can't. It also won't smear when used with alcohol markers and is water resistant. 

Memento Dew Drop Summary

Application: Coated paper, vellum, uncoated paper, printer paper

Drying Time: 5+ seconds on coated paper. Virtually instant on uncoated papers. Varies based on surface & material, humidity, etc.


VersaCraft is the other Felicette favorite ink pad; it goes where the Memento dare not journey. It is a water-based, archival, acid free pigment ink pad. 

Use VersaCraft on natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and silk; when heat set it is permanent. But this ink does more than just fabric; it is also great for other porous surfaces such as unpainted wood (think those cool unfinished slices), uncoated paper, Japanese papers, leather (tanned leather), glassine, and unglazed pottery! It's slower dry times means you can also use this ink pad for embossing. It just doesn't dry well on glossy surfaces.

When stamping on fabric always pre-wash it to remove any sizing. And heat set it once you are finished stamping and the ink has been allowed to dry completely! To heat-set use an iron on the appropriate temperature setting for the fabric and then iron for 15-20 seconds. Cotton will be set on "high," lower temperature settings may result in decreased permanence. You may also want to use a press cloth between your project and the iron. 

VersaCraft Summary

Application: Fabric, unpainted wood, uncoated paper, Japanese papers, leather (tanned leather), glassine, and unglazed pottery

Drying Time: 20-30 seconds for uncoated paper. On Fabric let it sit for a few minutes to be sure it it dry. Treat with heat source (dryer, iron or heat gun) for at least 15 seconds for permanence. Drying time varies based on surface/material, humidity, etc.

 Happy Stamping!

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