Bag of Gold Stamped Bags

I think it's fun to do something a little special for each holiday. Using these pre-made Stampable cotton bags makes this St. Patrick's Day craft a breeze. These stamped bags would also make adorable party favors or little gifts for a teacher, hostess, neighbor, or friend on St. Patrick's Day.

Maybe even hide the bags for kids to find, leaving behind little clues to send them on a hunt to find the leprechaun's gold! 

You'll need:
Heart Stamp
VersaCraft ink pad in Emerald
Set of blank cloth bags
Chocolate Coins

 Stamp your first heart!

Stamp the second heart diagonally from the first. It's okay if they don't perfectly line up. The leaves look nice when they overlap, and clover leaves are far from perfect if you are lucky enough to find one!

Stamp the last two hearts to complete your clover! Allow the ink to dry and heat set with an iron to make the ink permanent.  

 Now for the good part! Stuff those bags chocker box full of gold!!!!!

May the luck of the Irish be with you!

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