Stamped Easter Eggs

Dyeing eggs doesn't have to be the same old thing every year. This tutorial will show you a new way to decorate those eggs at home this spring!

You'll need:
Boiled eggs, that have cooled
Easter Egg Dye, mine is from the grocery
Small Bow Rubber Stamp
Radient Neon Ink Pad
Hair Dryer

First Dye your eggs according to the instructions on the box and allow them to dry before stamping. You want to allow the dyed egg to completely dry, because if it's still wet when you put your stamp on the shell it's likely to smear or run into the dye. If you are stamping on white eggs you can get started! 

When stamping on your eggs you want to stamp slowly — since the egg's shell is a curved surface your stamp isn’t going to fully make contact with the shell, so you will want to slowly roll the stamp on the surface of the egg so all the edges stamp onto the shell.

Once stamped use a hair dryer or heat gun on low to dry the ink a bit, just enough until the egg can be set back into the carton with out smearing the ink, it will continue to air dry in the carton.

How are you decorating your eggs this year? I always like to try something new! 

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