Stamped Clay Bowl

Air dry clay and rubber stamps make a great pair. Stamped clay bowls are a simple craft for Mother's Day or yourself. These bowls are great for keeping little trinkets organized on your dresser or for keys by your entryway!

You'll need:
Air Dry Clay (this is by Crayola)
Yay Rubber Stamp
VersaCraft Ink
Rolling Pin
X-acto knife
Parchment paper
Cooling rack
Gold acrylic paint
Paint brush

Kneed the clay a bit to make it more pliable and to make sure you get the air bubbles out. Roll the clay out 1/4 of an inch thick. If you make the clay too thin when it is dry the clay is likely to break. 

Stamp your design all over the clay, being sure to re-ink your stamp before each impression. 

Place the bowl on top of the stamped design and cut away the excess. 

Gently place your trimmed clay circle into the bowl. It may take a few times and a little encouragement to get it inside of the bowl without too many waves. I found the wider the bowl the easier it was to get to sit nicely inside. If the bowl's walls are too steep the clay bowl will be wavy. 

Place the X-acto knife on the top of the bowl and then slowly turn the bowl holding the knife steady to cut away just the top for a clean edge. This will make sanding the top of the bowl easier later. 

Allow the clay bowl to dry overnight inside of the bowl. It will take 2-3 days for it to fully dry depending on the humidity. 

Once your clay bowl has dried overnight gently remove it from the bowl and allow to finish drying upside down on a cooling rack. 

Once your bowl is dry sand the top edges.

Paint the top rim gold, for a fun finishing touch!

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