Enamel Pins

Felicette recently launched our own collection of enamel pins! They were such a labor of love and were months and months in the manufacture "research" stage I was convinced they would never be bought to light. But they are here, and the response has been incredible! I wanted to show you today the full collection and the rubber stamps that inspired them!

I am a no holes barred, proud to be, cat lady. I have two cats, a dog who is pretty sure she is a cat, and my business is named after a cat. I'm a cat lady, a cat babe if you will, and this first pin is my banner of cat pride! 

When designing the meow banner pin I wanted to add a little bit more of the pennant flag look than the stamp has. The stamp is simple, bold and doesn't have to be a flag. But I wanted the pin to have the ties and whole works, I wanted to to happily "wave" from your jacket as a beacon for all cat loving kind! 

The pretzel is about as straight forward as they come. It's a pretzel the stamp is for your stationery and throw pillows; the pin is there for you when you leave the home and want to be hungry every time you look down at your pin (as is often the case with me, I always want a pretzel now)

The bicycle stamp was one of the original 10 hand carved stamps in our Etsy store when we first opened our virtual doors in 2008. It's been one of our most popular stamps over the years and is now a fully colored gold plated pin!

The Space Cat pin is not modeled after a stamp, but the Felicette logo. This pin is to pay homage the original space cat herself, Félicette. You can read all about her here, in a previous blog post. 

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