Stamping with Watercolors

It's a fun and different way to use your rubber stamps, and a good way to entertain the kids on a rainy afternoon. 

My favorite set of watercolors is by Koi. It's compact easy to travel with and the colors are great! I bring it along when I travel so I can sketch quick watercolor postcards for myself to remember the trip. 

You'll need:
Rubber Stamps (I used the Cat and the Wreath)
Watercolor paper or card stock

Mix up the color you want to put on your stamp in a plastic palette. The lid of the Koi set can act as the palette. 

Paint the water colors onto the rubber stamp with the paint brush.

Lightly press the stamp onto your paper and repeat these steps as many times as you like!

Watercolors give a completely different effect than ink. Your impression won't be as detailed or sharp, but it will definitely be interesting. When choosing a stamp to use with watercolors I found the less detailed the design was the better the image was when stamped. 

By mixing colors you create texture and interest. A stamped cat suddenly has shadows and depth!

You can use this technique to make cards and stationery, background pages for scrapbooking, gift wrap and tags. 

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