the branding story

Last week on Aeolidia's Blog they shared my story of how Felicette's brand was built, about how nervous I was, about other name options ("Kis-Kis", what was I thinking?) and ultimately how it all came together to be Felicette. It was fun reading over all of the weird things I said throughout the process, like when I first saw Sarah, the designer's, sketches I told her that she was "the most awesome of all the awesome sauces" (which BTW, she totally is)

So head over to their blog and let me know what you think if it all (and if I come across as weird as I think I do)


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Jun 02, 2015

Hey Lauren, I love the branding. It’s so cute and totally fits you and your vision. I love the whimsical concept. :) You did good by outsourcing the design. I look forward to seeing your business grow.


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