from sketch to stamp

"I don't want a taco," said no one ever. Now you can share your taco love with everyone on your mailing list. Featuring an original drawing of a taco, each stamp can be personalized with your name and address.

When I start a new stamp design it can either be with a pencil and paper or my mouse in photoshop. For the taco address stamp it started with a sketch that I scanned into my computer to finish-up. 

Once scanned in I turn the image into a vector so it can be scaled without loosing any quality and add your address. 

When the file is ready I send it over to the laser's software to be engraved into the rubber and the wood block, that I have previously cut to size. I double check my settings on the machine, and then lasers are ready to fire!

Here the block has finished being engraved, and you can see inside of the laser a bit.

I may be fulfilling my own taco dreams vicariously through this one, I'm not ashamed to admit it. :) But this stamp is a great gift for that quirky bride and groom or your bestie for a fun housewarming present. 

Yeah tacos! Have a great rest of the week my nerds.

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Jun 12, 2015

That is so cool that the laser does both the rubber and the wood part! Kapow!


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