Makers Gonna Make

That's the thing about makers we are always elbow deep in a project, the current project could be knitting, quilting, needlework, woodworking, baking, gardening, 3d printing, or even stamp making ;) The list goes on and on. No matter what, a maker cannot be stopped.

I wanted to make a series of stamps that would serve my fellow makers (we've got to stick together). This entire set is ready to be personalized with your name or business' name to help you share your unique gifts the world! When you pour your heart in to what you make you need to proudly proclaim that you made this. This is a thing that you made, and it is awesome! 

You can use these stamps to make tags (I cut the ones below out of card stock), stamp onto fabric (see this post), stamp them on your packaging to jazz up your customer's mail. Use them on homemade jams, pies, and cakes. Pair them with another stamp, such as one side of the tag a sewing machine and the other "handmade by..."

You can see all of the "handmade by" collection of stamps here. And I would love to hear all about what kinds of projects you are currently working on! (my current project is a seed stitch scarf)

Stay cool & k
eep on making!

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