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Today is a guest post DIY from Kristen Cella of Siamese Social Club. Kristen and her (feline) business partner, Bollini, make the most beautiful cat beds and toys together in their San Francisco studio. Their products are for design savvy cats and cat-loving people. Their feline goods are handcrafted to fit your modern life, but more importantly, your discerning cat.

You may have seen on my Instagram when I reshared the beautifully stamped tissue paper Kristen made for her packages with her custom stamp. As soon as I saw it I wanted to see how she had gotten that pattern so perfect. So here you can see step by step how to make your own stamped tissue paper! This project is a brilliant (and affordable) way to personalize your packages for your business, yourself or gifts! Now I am going to let Kristen take it away!!

Using stamps to create patterned tissue paper is a great way to make your own unique packaging. And it also happens to be super easy to do!

What you will need:
tissue paper
stamp(s) - I used a custom Felicette stamp and three homemade stamps glued onto wine corks
ink pads
scrap paper for blotting
pattern template or large piece of paper 

Start by creating a template for your pattern. I chose to print my pattern on a large poster-sized piece of paper, but you can easily mark your pattern on a large piece of paper with marker or tape. Or, if you want a more unique pattern, skip the template all together and simply wing it!

Next, prepare your tissue paper by gently ironing out any creases (use the lowest temperature setting). I find that it is works best to iron three sheets of paper at the same time.

Align your tissue paper over your template. Even if you choose not to use a pattern template, it's best to put some kind of paper or board underneath your tissue paper to protect your work surface from any ink that might bleed through.

Now it’s time to start stamping! Because tissue paper is so thin, I blot the stamps onto scrap paper once before stamping onto the tissue paper. This helps prevent the ink from bleeding through my paper onto my template. Depending on how dark you want your ink to appear, you can also experiment with the amount of pressure you apply with the stamp.

Once you’ve covered your paper, allow the ink to fully dry and you’re done! To store your paper, place between two large sheets of paper (for some added thickness and protection) and roll into a tube. 

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Jan 18, 2019

So cute! (but the cat’s much cuter by the way). It’s a good thing I didn’t throw all my corks from my wine bottle collection these past few years. I’m going to do it for my plain white hankies. I’m also thinking of using my old rubber stamps for the handle, bought it from Estamps NZ a few years ago. Anyways, thanks a bunch!

Wresty Ma

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