Paper Airplane Tote Bag Tutorial

A few weeks ago I ordered a bunch of tote bags from Enviro-Tote to be printed (for a different project than this one). You may have seen them all come in on my Instagram. I saved a couple out so that I could have some fun with them, and didn't know what I wanted to put onto them until now, Paper Airplanes! How adorable would this bag be at summer farmer's markets, the beach, or as a fantastic teacher gift!

You'll need:
Paper Airplane stamp
Cotton tote bag (mine are from Enviro-Tote)
Craft felt
Acrylic paint in a variety of colors
Paint brush
Cup of water
Paper Towels
Foam board or newspaper to protect your surface
An Iron

Cut your felt into a rectangle, fold in half, and set on a paper towel. This will be your ink pad! Add the paint for the paper airplane stamp with your paintbrush to the felt. Smooth the paint out on the felt, you don't want big clumps of paint. Your "ink pad" should be saturated, but not gooshing paint. 

Lightly tap the stamp into the felt until there is an even coating of paint.

Before heading straight over to your bag you may want to experiment on paper first. Making sure you know how much pressure and paint to apply when you stamp.

Once you have stamped all of your airplanes on the bag clean the paint off the stamp; you don't want it drying on there.

Here is the really fun part! With your paint brush create the "flight path" of the different airplanes with a series of small dashes. I picked a different color for each airplane, and just free handed the patterns.

Clean off your paint brush between colors.

I started with planes on opposite sides and then to the airplane in the middle, so that I could fill out the bag nicely, and the design wasn't lopsided

Let the paint dry, turn over the bag and start again!

Once you are completely finished allow the paint to dry for 24 hrs then heat set for permanence, like we did on the stamped handkerchiefs.

Fly my pretties!

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Jul 07, 2015

Those colorful airplanes are so cute and made the most adorable flight pattern! You are the MOST creative person I know!!!


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