The First Cat in Space

I can hardly believe it has been three months since Doodlebug Design became Felicette. Seems like so much has been happening so fast. Today I want slow things down and talk a little bit about my name, Felicette, and where it comes from and who the original Félicette was. I talked about it it in my newsletter "Space Cat Patrol" and wanted to share more about her here on the blog.

The original Félicette, and inspiration for my name, was the first cat in space. On October 18, 1963, France launched Félicette aboard Veronique AGI sounding rocket No. 47. Félicette was recovered alive after a 15 minute flight and a descent by parachute. Félicette had electrodes implanted into her brain, and the recorded neural impulses were transmitted back to Earth. 

Her mission was a success and she had made a valuable contribution to scientific research. Once home she she was kept at the CERMA laboratories but unfortunately, a few months later they put her to sleep so that the electrodes that had been implanted in her brain could be studied. Even though she had a short life scientists were able to thoroughly analyze her reactions and use a very delicate neuro-physiological technique, that so far had only been achieved in laboratories. 

Go Space Kitty, Go!

Space Cat Enamel Pin

In honor of the first cat in space I made this enamel pin. You can wear this cloisonné pin to add a bit of fun and space cat flare to your jacket, sweater, shirt collar, tote bag!

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