Stamped Books

Stamping the text block of a book adds personality and makes your books stand out (or makes sure your kids will not to bring home someone else's copy). Turn a good read or text book into a good-looking tome.

You'll need:
Books (that belong to you, not the school)
Rubber Stamps

Choose a variety of stamps. I did a name stamp, strawberry, bicycle, monogram shield, and the hand drawn star. If you want to be really nerdy you can match the theme of the book to the stamp!

Ink the stamp before each application. When stamping, grasp the book firmly so that the edge of the text block presents a smooth, solid surface. To keep a clean, clear image, it is important not to stamp too vigorously or with too much pressure.

Have fun with the pattern. Here I scattered the strawberries along the edge. But on some of the books I kept it simple with a single stamp. 

Stamp on my nerds and study hard!

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