DIY Stamped Halloween Tablecloth

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and I am so excited about this project. This tutorial is a quick and easy way to personalize your Halloween decorations. It's a great craft to get your kids involved with too!

You'll need:
A white tablecloth (the smoother the fabric the better) This one is from Target
Felicette Bat Stamp
Safety pin

Fold your table cloth and mark the center with a safety pin. Marking the center helps you when you are stamping the design making sure you go across the middle.

Start stamping your bats! I stamped the design as if the bats were swooping in from the bottom left up to the top right of the tablecloth. But you can stamp a random pattern all over too! 

Be sure to iron your tablecloth to heat set the ink once it is dry.

Something wicked this way comes!

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