Stamped Thanksgiving Napkins

November has arrived and Turkey Day will soon be here! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe because it's often overlooked by virtually every commercial entity and I like to root for the underdog, or I just like turkey, stuffing, and pie! (that's probably it)

This is a fun and simple Thanksgiving craft that will show you how to make your own Pumpkin Pie Napkins. In addition to decorating your holiday table you can also use these for Halloween, or another favorite of mine Pi Day on 3/14.

You'll need:
Pumpkin Stamp
Pie Stamp
Cotton Napkins (mine are from Target)
Paint brush
Acrylic paint
White felt

When making your own "ink pad" evenly brush out the paint to approximately the size of your stamp. You want to put a good bit of paint down so that it saturates the piece of felt and is a little juicy when you stamp your stamp into it. But you don't want it so wet that it oozes paint when you ink your stamp. 

Since I didn't have any brown paint on hand I had to mix some myself. I used blue and two different shades of orange. Because blue and orange are complimentary colors. meaning they are on opposite sides of the color wheel, when you mix them together you get brown. 

Start stamping! I did a random pattern with both the pumpkin and the pie stamps. You can mix the pumpkins and the pies together on one napkin or have a separate pumpkin napkin and a pie napkins, or all three and mix it up!

You may find that if you are doing a lot of napkins or keeping your stamped images close together you will have to put more paint down on your "ink pad."

Don't forget to clean the paint off of your stamp with a wet paper towel. You don't want acrylic paint drying on there it can fill in some of the smaller details on a stamp and make it not as nice to stamp with the next time you use it. 

Allow your pumpkins and pies to completely dry and heat set with an iron. Set your iron on high and dry, and iron for about 15 seconds. You may want to use a press cloth to make sure you don't scorch your new napkins.

You are now ready for the holidays!

Gobble on my turkeys!

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