Stamped Apron

December is here and if your family is like my family the holiday baking season has only just begun. This DIY stamped apron is perfect for your own baking or as a gift; picture it wrapped along side a freshly made loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. Who wouldn't love to receive that? You can personalize it for the gift receiver, make it with the cat stamp, or a bicycle, the hedgehog....

You'll need:
Felicette Stamps
Cotton Apron (this one is from Target)
Acrylic paint
Felt (to be your ink pad)
Paint brush

Make your "ink pad" by brushing on the paint onto the felt. You want the painted area to be about the size of your stamp.

Now you can start on your pattern. Re-ink your stamp before each impression on the apron. You will also have to brush add more paint to the felt a few times to ensure an even coat of paint on the stamp throughout your project. 

I also decided to stamp a scarf on a few of the cats randomly (it is December after all)

Once you are finished stamping wipe the paint off of your stamp with a damp paper towel. You don't want it to dry on the rubber. 

Allow your apron to completely dry and then heat set with a hot iron. Ironing about 15 seconds per impression, but keep moving the iron around. You don't want to let the iron sit and burn your fabric. 

Now you have an apron for yourself or make 20 for all of the family! (okay, maybe not 20)

Happy baking! 

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