Christmas Cards in July

If you are like me the holidays are just coming too quickly. I am a chronic procrastinator, and am determined to send my Christmas cards before Christmas this year! So I am taking this ridiculously hot day to think about colder weather and decorate a few cards! (because you can never start too early!) This is a wonderful craft for kids!

You'll need:
A set of Stampables blank cards & envelopes
Ink pads
Happy Holidays rubber stamp
Black pen

In this craft you will be mostly using your fingers as the stamp. Growing up, I loved Ed Emberly and my mom bought me so many of the books. I would always be making animals with my finger prints!

I started with the Happy Holidays stamp first so I would know where I had room to stamp the reindeer. 

Once you have stamped the head and body of the reindeer you can draw in the details that make the reindeer the reindeer!

For the string of lights card I also stamped the Happy Holidays first. Next draw your light string. Drawing this before you stamp on all the lights gives you a place to put all of your finger prints. 

Stamp one color at a time to ensure you get a nice distribution of color.

Once you have stamped all of your lights add little squiggles at the bottom of each light where they touch the string. This helps them to look more like lights and less like jellybeans. 

Happy Christmas in July!

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