DIY Enamel Pin Banner

Enamel Pin Banner tutorial by Felicette

I have been collection enamel pins from every place I travel to since I was very young. I have an entire binder full of memories! The fact that enamel pins have had a surge in popularity in the last year makes me so Happy! So many different makers have so many incredible designs, even Felicette has our own collection!

I cycle through pins on my jacket and like to think of it as a walking gallery. But when I'm not wearing them I wanted a place to keep them safe and where I could still enjoy them all. This is a tutorial on how to make your own felt banner to keep your pins on!

You'll need:
A collection of enamel pins
1/2 a yard of Felt (this is the natural wool felt from Joanns)
One sheet of 8.5" x 11" printer paper
Straight pins
1/4" dowel cut at 9.6" long and sanded smooth
String to hang the banner

Start by folding up the corners of the printer paper. This will be your pattern for the shape of the banner.

Fold your felt so that there is a crease at the top. The banner will be two layers of felt so it is sturdier to hold up all your pins. Place the pattern on top of your folded felt so that the point is toward the open side, and the fold is at the top.

Cut out your banner leaving the fold in tact. The fold at the top is where your dowel will eventually slide through. You can also trace your pattern onto the felt if you are having trouble keeping the paper on while you cut.

Place two pins 3/4 of an inch down from the top of your banner. When you sew it together you will sew across the top from pin to pin so that it makes a tube for your dowel to slide in. 

Finish pinning the rest of your banner in place. 

Sew around your banner with an 1/8 of an inch seam all except for the top where you will give extra space for the dowel. (where you put your pins at the top)

Now your banner is all sewn!

Slide your dowel into the tube you made for it!

Cut your string to 18 inches and tie it on each end of your dowel. Be sure to double knot it!

This is what it should look like all tied on.

Now for the really fun part, putting on all your pins and then hanging it on your wall to admire both your collection and hard work!

Head on over to our Instagram so you can find all of the makers of these pins!

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