DIY Stamped Pencil Pouch

Felicette's DIY stamped unicorn pencil pouch

Everyone is heading back to school, or will be soon! I always look forward to back to school season, because back to school means new school supplies! Even though its been a while since I have been in school, always take this time to stock up on fun new things for my desk. "Why yes, I do need this Batgirl notebook for work and some new glitter pens."

Not going back to school, but still want a really rad stamped zipper pouch? This DIY pencil pouch is It can also be used as a clutch or make-up bag! 

diy pencil pouch materials

You'll need:
A plain zipper pouch (this one is from Target)
Stamps (Unicorn Stamp and Star Stamp)
VersaCraft Inkpads (here I used Cherry Pink, Wisteria, and Baby Blue)
Pencils (because what's a pencil pouch without some freshly sharpened #2 pencils?)

Stamp one color at a time and re-ink the stamp before each impression.

I started with pink unicorns, then stamped the purple ones, and I lastly I filled in gaps with the star. 

You will want to heat set the ink once it has dried with an iron for about 15 seconds. This will allow you to wash the pouch and not have to worry about washing out the ink. 

Now you are back to school ready with a pencil pouch of your own design and creation!

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