Embossing on Fabric Gift Bags

A fun material for embossing and the final post in our introduction to embossing is fabric. When you choose your fabric pick one that is a natural material, such as a linen or cotton. Any of the fabrics with polyester or nylon are likely to melt (or catch on fire) when you put the heat gun on them. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are using a pigment ink (like colorbox) they are slow to dry on paper and give you a lot of time to emboss, but dry quickly on fabric. If you are using a pigment ink pad you will just have to work quicker, and don't stamp more than three impressions at a time before you put on the powder and then the heat gun. 

You'll need
Butterfly Rubber Stamp
Stampable Cotton Bags
Two pieces of scrap paper
Embossing Powder
Heat Gun

Tear off a piece of paper to go inside of your bag. This keeps the VersaMark or other ink from going though the fabric to the other side. Lay your Bag with the paper inside on your second sheet of paper. This is to make cleaning up the embossing powder easier. 

Ink up your stamp and then stamp it on the bag. 

Put on your embossing powder.

Knock off the loose powder. There will still be some hanging on. and you may need to tap the back or gently blow on the fabric. If you don't get off the extra bits they will also melt into your fabric and distract from your design. 

This is how your image should look before you put the heat gun on it. With the loose powder cleaned off. Be sure to remove your piece of paper inside the bag before you set the powder. Just incase of a fire. 

Put on the heat gun, and you have just embossed your first gift bag! The color will be a little darker; or in the case of a gold powder, brassy, on fabric than it is on paper. I also don't recommend this process for all of your fabric stamping needs since it is so time consuming. Normally I would just say to use a high quality multi-purpose ink pad, but sometimes you just want to be fancy!


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