Guest Post: PaperWand's Stamped Business Cards

This is a guest post by Neesha Merani of PaperWand, I recently made her a custom stamp for her business cards and when I saw what she turned them into I had to have her do a guest post! PaperWand is home to whimsical home decor, art prints & unique gifts that celebrate the little joys in life!

Now to let Neesha show you how she made her incredible stamped business cards!

If you've been following me on Instagram you've seen some of the sneak peek images! There are more items rolling out in the upcoming months and I'm so thrilled with this new direction. 

I really wanted to do something different with my business cards, memorable and still stay "on brand". PaperWand is all about dreamy wishes and celebrating wonder. So, I came up with putting "wishes" (in the form of stars) in a mini envelope to hand out.  I love the idea of encouraging someone to dream and to savor the little joys. 
Felicette delivered the perfect stamp for my biz card project.

You'll need: 
Custom Stamp
Silver Stars & Confetti 
Silver Ink Pad
Navy Blue Mini Envelopes (business card size)
Silver Circle Stickers for sealing the back

Metallic ink takes longer to dry; I let the silver dry overnight because I wanted to make really sure they wouldn’t smudge.

When stamping the envelopes I had to test a few out - it was hard to line up the stamp exactly in the middle of the envelope. Every time I’d stamp it the design was crooked or not centered….
What I ended up doing was flipping the stamp over, pre-inking it and then pressing the envelopes down on top. Giving a firm press (but not too much otherwise the ink smudged!)  It took a few tries to get the pressure right. But, with this method I was able to line up the design pretty much on the center of the envelope every time. Once I figured this out it was much easier to get the rest to look right and consistent.
The envelopes are filled with stars and then sealed with a silver sticker that says: "Sprinkle for Wishes"

Are these not the most incredible business cards ever!? Who doesn't want one of these? I know I would wait in line to get one!

Happy stamping you guys and thanks so much to Neesha for this amazing post!

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