Ink Pads: Part 2

VersaFine Inkpads with Felicette 
This is part 2 of our blog series discussing the different types of ink pads. This post is about VersaFine. (You can find part 1 here)

VersaFine is the finest ink pads available. VersaFine ink goes a long way and can provide up to five times as many stamped images as a regular ink pad. VersaFine dries quicker than most pigment inks on porous surfaces and is embossable on coated surfaces.

If you are using VersaFine to emboss make sure you move immediately from stamping to powder to heat gun. If you are working with multiples of the same project, don't stamp all, then powder all, then heat gun. Take each one through the process individually.  

Memento vs VersaFine

While this ink pad is limited to paper, it's darn good at it! VersaFine has the remarkable ability to capture the most finely-detailed stamp images – more so than any other ink. Here it is in comparison to the Memento Dew Drop on uncoated printer paper. It is water-resistant when dry, making VersaFine perfect to use with all kinds of watercolor applications.

This is an oils based ink so it will stain your stamps even when you clean them off, but this won't affect the future use of your stamp. Be sure to clean the VersaFine off of your stamp when you are finished using it. The ink won't dry on your stamp, so if you put it down somewhere it will leave an impression. 

Felicette Unicorn Stamp with VersaFine ink in Onyx Black

VersaFine is the ink I use on all my stamp box labels, tags, and other business related inking. It lasts so long and and stamps so clean and sharp!

VersaFine Summary

Application: Best on uncoated Paper

Drying Time: Approximately 5 seconds (on thin high grade paper.) Fast drying on uncoated paper. Varies based on weight / type of paper.

Happy Stamping!

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