Introduction to Embossing

Take your rubber stamp crafts to sparkly new heights (and textures)! Embossing creates unbelievably high-end professional looking results that is easy on your budget.

For this introduction to embossing I will be making monogramed stationery. 

You'll need
Monogram Rubber Stamp
Blank Cards & Envelopes
Heat Embossing Tool
Embossing Powder
VersaMark Ink Pad

Set your card on a larger sheet of paper. You will use this paper to funnel the remaining embossing powder back into it's jar.

Ink your magical monogram shield (I say magical because this stamp was inspired by a certain wizarding world) using the Versamark Ink Pad, and then stamp onto your paper.

Choose an embossing powder color – I used the Princess Gold Embossing Powder – & sprinkle liberally over the wet ink.

Shake off excess powder onto your paper and funnel it back into the jar. Gently though, you don't want to knock the powder off your stamped image. 

Using your embossing heat tool, heat image (holding the gun 3-5 inches from the surface) go back and fourth over the image until the powder has melted into a shiny liquid and rises, approximately 30 seconds. Depending on the embossing powder you used, this will create a raised, glossy or sparkly stamp impression. Gorgeous! 

*You want to avoid overheating the powder and burning your paper. This tool gets very HOT!

Allow embossed image to cool before touching it. I know it's beautiful and smooth and you just want to run your fingers over it. But learn from me, it's hot and still soft. You don't want that molten powder on you, or even worse, mess up your card!

For some extra fun, emboss the wax seal monogram rubber stamp to make it look like it is actually sealed with wax!

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