Library Stamp Kit

Picking a favorite out of my new stamp kits is like picking a favorite child (or in my case cat). Pretty impossible to do, and not to mention unfair to your children. You can't have a favorite child! But if I had to pick it would be Gidget, I mean the Library Stamp Kit.

When used together they make a pretty perfect book plate. But you can also separate them. Feeling minimalist? Just use the "This Book Belongs To," and sign your name under it? Now wanting to stamp in your books at all? No problem, use them to make cards and tags and fun scenes!

Instead of stamping the kit straight into your book, why not use vintage style Library Cards for a really nostalgic look?

Or skip the actual books altogether, add a cat and you have the most adorable stamped scene I have ever seen!

(Wendy & Suki, momma loves you too!)

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