Mix and Match Stamp Kits

When I was designing all of the new individual and rubber stamp kits I wanted them to be interchangeable and whole lot of fun to combine! The first set I drew was the Space Cat (of course), but when I got to its atomic age bubble helmet I thought how fantastic would it be if it could go on other stamps, like Dinosaurs, and Dogs, and Alpacas!

First lets take a look at just the space cat theme. Here is the Space Cat Kit with, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Sitting Cat stamps. The kit comes with two mini ink pads in Galactic Charm (hot pink) and Nebula (Aqua). You can find all of the colors here!

When you combine the kit with all of those individual stamps you get a pretty rad space scene!

Here are the individual stamps combined with the stamps of three different kits! The Space Cat's bubble helmet with the Poodle and the Brontosaurus stamp give you never ending quirky stamp fun!


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