New Year's Resolutions

I saw a story on the morning news that said most New Years Resolutions are broken by February! I have a few suggestions to keep you on track.

Keeping in better contact with friends and family in 2017 is a wonderful resolution to have. Send out birthday cards, thinking of you notes, cards for wonderful holidays like Groundhog's Day (a personal favorite) is so much better than writing on someone's Facebook wall. Sending mail to a real mailbox is a quick way to make someone feel extra special. To help out with all this extra post, make your cards more personalized with a custom return address stamp

One of my resolutions is to be more organized, and this includes making a grocery list Before I go to the grocery and to-do lists to keep me on task. There is nothing more satisfying than putting a big check-mark in one of these little boxes.

If your resolution was to learn a new craft like quilting or knitting (also one of mine) a fun motivator is a personalized stamp to put on your finished projects! (because my life is basically one unfinished craft project after another) 

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