Stamped Glitter Candles

Stamped Glitter Halloween Candles with Felicette

This week's boo-it-yourself is stamped glitter candles! 

You'll need:
Halloween Stamps
Tsukineko Glue Pad
Paper Towels

When you first use your glue pad you will need to put the glue on. Start buy squeezing the glue onto the pad in a circular motion and then continue to work the glue into the pad using the tip of the dispenser. 

When you have evened out the glue on your pad you are ready to stamp!

Once your stamp has been stamped in the glue pad it will have a tendency to slip on the candle's surface once you try to stamp it. My best tip it to firmly hold your candle, and slowly roll the stamp on the surface of the candle.

Next you sprinkle on your glitter!

Maybe even try two colors!

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