Stamped Pinwheel Notebook

Pinwheel Stamped Jotter

Our final back to school craft are stamped jotters (or notebooks). These little books are handy to throw in your bag for last minute ideas or an assignment you don't want to forget. This diy is made even more fun with brand new Kaleidacolor color ink pads!

You'll need:
Notebook (this one is Moleskine)
Pinwheel Stamp
Kaleidacolor Ink Pad (this is Berry Blaze)

These amazing sliding pads, unique in the paper crafting industry, provide a continuous, multi-colored inking surface when clicked together. For storage, the pads slide apart to prevent color migration, allowing the colors to stay fresh and true. 

Click your ink pad together and ink your pinwheel!

Stamp your pattern on the notebook and you are ready to write! The ink will dry instantly on the cover since it is uncoated paper. 

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