Stamped Place Cards

Are you not the best calligrapher or hand letterer, but want that look for your shower or party? I am right there with you! I can letter names and text one at a time and can do it for stamps, but to attempt place cards, I would need a ton of spares.

By stamping the cards you don't have to letter each lady's name in your bridal party or those who came to your baby shower, and BONUS you also have a parting gift for them!

These are already made placecards I picked up at Target in their bargain bin, and custom made name stamps for the people in attendance at the shower. It is as easy as stamping on their name and letting the ink dry!

Once you are done stamping, pair the stamp with a set of blank notecards and a little ink pad, and you have a wonderfully special gift for your friends. 

Happy Stamping!

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