Stamped Pumpkins

Felicette's Jack o' Lantern stamp DIY

If the calendar gods would allow it, I would always live in October. It's my favorite month! The start of autumn, pumpkins, Halloween, and it's socially acceptable to dress as a witch. This month's posts are going to be all fall and Halloween related, call them a Boo-It-Yourself!

First up is stamped baby pumpkins!

You'll need:
Baby pumpkins
Jack O' Lantern Face Rubber Stamp
StazOn Ink Pad 

This DIY is as simple as inking your stamp and stamping it onto your pumpkin!

Stamping pumpkins with Felicette!

You will want to use StazOn ink pads because the wax they put on the pumpkins to make them shiny also makes them glossy. And StazOn is great for drying on glossy surfaces!

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