Stamped Rocks: A Memory Game

Now, you might be thinking, "Oh my stars, she must have run out of things to stamp if she is stamping on rocks." Hahaha, but stay with me!  

I was trying to think of a game that is good for kids and traveling, and what came to mind, (excuse the pun) is Memory. The rocks are easy for little hands to turn over, and toss them in a cotton bag they travel super easy. 

You'll need
Even number of Rocks (flat, smooth & similar in size)
Various small rubber stamps (I used the Butterfly, Snail, Strawberry, and Star)
StazOn Ink Pad

First really clean your rocks, dirty rocks don't stamp well, and let them fully dry.

Once your rocks are dry, pair them up by size and mach them to the stamp that best fits their size. 

Stamp your rocks with your chosen designs. Two impressions of each to make a pair. I picked some nature and geometric shaped stamps. 

Allow your ink to dry for about 10 minutes

Get playing!

On a side note, finding an ink that would dry when stamped on rocks (without heat setting it) was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Each one of these colors is a different ink pad!

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