Stamped Star Shoes

Independence Day is almost here, and why not celebrate Will Smith saving the planet (I kid) in full on patriotic style! I can't think of much more patriotic than red shoes with white stars and star laces unless you are wearing them to a BBQ that ends in fireworks.

This is a simple DIY that is basically white paint and a star stamp.  

You'll need
Canvas Shoes (these are from Target)
Star Rubber Stamp
Piece of Felt
Paint Brush
White Acrylic Paint

Since you are using acrylic paint you need to make your own "ink pad" using a piece of felt. Brush your paint onto the felt and make sure to put enough that it goes into the felt. You want the painted area to be about the size of your stamp.

Stamp the star into your new ink pad, getting an even coating of white on the stamp. While holding the inside of the shoe for support firmly and evenly press the stamp onto the surface of the shoe. 

Be sure to re-ink your stamp before every impression to ensure the stars are all the same even color. 

Continue this process of holding the inside of the shoe for support while you stamp filling your shoes with stars! 

Let them dry and have a fun and safe Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Stamping!


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