Stamped Watercolor Bookmarks

Another school year is almost upon us, so that means "YAY" or I'm sorry to bring it up. Too soon?

Either way I want you to have cute bookmarks. Make them for your bookclub, classmates, teachers, and most importantly........yourself. 

You'll need
Rubber Stamps (Cameo stamp for a Jane Austen look)
Watercolor Paints (I use this set, but you can use any kind of water colors. Even the set that comes with kid's coloring books)
Blank Bookmarks (these are from A.C. Moore)

Select your tassel and coordinating paint color. I thought the dusty pink would be cute with a mustardy yellow. In hindsight, I should have gone with a light blue.....

Paint your bookmark. You can paint designs, use multiple colors, or fill the whole thing with a single color! Allow your paper to fully dry once you are done painting and then stamp on that design!

Tie on your tassel and your bookmark is complete! Did I hear bookmarks all around!?

Happy Stamping & Happy School Year!


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