Stamping Tips: Small Ink Pad and Large Rubber Stamp

It's inevitable, you find the perfect cat stamp and need the perfect color ink pad to go with it. You find the Electric pink of your dreams only for it to only be in a 1x1 ink pad, and your cat is 2x2 inches. Don't lose heart my friend! You can use that tiny ink pad on your big stamp. In fact, the majority of the ink pads in my collection are little. You get more colors for the money and they easily all fit into a drawer. 

The only thing your ink pad must have, is a raised surface. The raised surface of the ink pad makes it so you can stamp it onto any size stamp.

I mean it, any! This stamp is over four inches wide.

So what you do instead of the traditional way of inking your stamp, which is holding your stamp and then pressing it into the ink pad, you do the opposite. You lay your rubber stamp, rubber side up, on the table and hold your small ink pad. 

Then stamp all over the surface of your stamp with the ink pad until it is fully & evenly covered! It's a lot quicker to do than it sounds.

Happy Stamping!

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Mar 30, 2018

Thanks! It was pretty intuitive, but thanks for the clarification.


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