Stamps as Art

Cat rubber stamp as framed art

If you are looking for some inexpensive original art to hang around your home, framed rubber stamp impressions make wonderfully simple, graphic prints!

You'll need:
Rubber Stamp (I used the cat)
Paper (I used Bristol paper, it's heavy and smooth)
Frame and Mat (This frame is 8x8" with a 5x5" opening on the mat)

If your frame is the same size as mine, cut your paper to 6x6"

Ink up your stamp and center (as best you can) your stamp on the paper. I highly recommend using VersaFine as your ink pad; it's thick and opaque and always stamps with sharp & clean impressions. 

Center your impression inside your mat and carefully turn it over while holding your stamped paper and mat together. Tape each corner of your paper to the mat so it stays put in the frame.

*Please note, I am only taping this print to the mat because it's not an expensive piece of art or sentimental photograph. Tape is not acid free and will eventually discolor the paper. 

Proudly sign and date your artwork. It looks more legit now too!

Put your mat and print into the frame and close it up.

You now have created and framed a piece of art to decorate your home. 

Happy Stamping!

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