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Cast your vote!

I know I love giving out my opinions, and now I want to hear yours! I have been furiously working on new products and I wanted to give you a chance to weigh in two of my new stamp designs will be these two dinosaurs, and they need a couple plants to go with them. Because what are dinosaurs without prehistoric plants for them to walk around in and much on?

I have it down to three basic sketches but only need two. Here is where you come in, which are your two favorites? Let me know in the comments and the two with the most votes will become a part of the new collection. 

Which is your fav? Leave a comment below!

Studio Tour: In Progress

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. We packed everything we owned and moved to Maryland outside of Washington, D.C. The temperature difference has certainly been a shock to our sub-tropical selves. And I am looking for hat and glove advice!

I have spent the last few days moving into my new studio space in Artist & Maker's Studios in Rockville on Wilkins Ave. (come visit!) It will take me a couple weeks to get everything arranged how I want it and hopefully the movers will get here with everything else next week!

I wanted to give you an in progress look at how Felicette's new home is shaping up! And then in a few weeks give you a real tour of the completed space. But for now it's a stamping making paradise for me!

These pictures are a bit like an "I Spy" book. Do you see the Christmas Stocking? 

In addition to the little photo tour I want you to be involved with the new studio. I am working on a name for the space and have opened up a poll below. Pick your favorite or suggest a name of your own! You might notice a pattern with where my train of thought got stuck.


Coming Soon!

New rubber stamps from Felicette

I wanted to share a few of the new stamps that will be coming soon and a couple old friends with a new look! 

In addition to the new stamps another big change is we are packing up and moving to Maryland outside of Washington, D.C. next week. It's going to be a big change and I am so excited.

Felicette will be moving out of the house and into a studio space where I will get to be around other real live people and other working artists! It will be a place where people can come and see and stamp and shop! I am still working a name for my studio space, and will probably create a survey so I can get awesome name suggestions like "Spacey Mc Space Cat Space" (but hopefully something shorter) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wish us luck with the move!