Time has gotten away from me and it's been a while since I shared some of your amazing photos! These are either from Instagram or sent directly to me. This post is all about your pin collections and how you wear your flair!

If you have made something with a Felicette stamp or have a pin as a part of your incredible flair collection, I would love to see it and share it! If you are Instagram tag @FelicetteShop in the photo and use the official hashtag #lovefelicette. If you aren't on Instagram or your photos are private you can always email them to me! (

From a customer on Etsy

Enamel Pin Gift Guide

Enamel pins are everywhere right now! There are so many different designs, makers, and sure to be something for everyone!

Their size makes them perfect for stocking stuffers and small gifts for friends!

Nap Queen from Betsy White

Unicorn and Sigh Banner from Felicette

Catcake with Sprinkles by The Pink Samurai

Dolly Parton by You Silly Duffer

Tv Dinner by Lucky Horse Press 

For all the makers on the stocking head over to Instagram Happy Holidays!