Best DIYs of 2017

I can hardly believe 2018 is here! I have a few of personal goals set, like less tacos more yoga, but I wanted to take a look back of the greatest hits of 2017. There were a lot of fun projects we did together, but these were the most popular!

The Year of Embossing!

I learned how to emboss this year, finally, and it changed my stamp life! We learned the basics, and how to emboss on alternative materials like fabric, acrylic & wood

Felicette introduced its own line of Ink Pads (I still can't believe it!)

We made our own envelope liners!

We even stamped on rocks, on rocks!

Stamped Baby Onsie

Handmade gifts are always the most special. And while you may not be able to sew your own baby onesie for your sister/cousin/ (insert pregnant person here) you can customize one with, wait for it, rubber stamps! (and if you can sew one, you are my idol!)

Felicette's ink pads are multi-purpose which means in addition to paper, you can use them on fabric, wood, clay, and glossy surfaces. You will need to heat set them on fabric and glossy surfaces. Picture this craft at a baby shower! Have an assorted set of stamps and ink pads a bunch of onesies in different sizes and you have a party!

Or you can make a custom layette set, stamp a onesie, a hat, blanket, and burp cloth for a beautiful gift. 

You'll need
A Baby Onesie
Best in Show Rubber Stamp Kit
Mini Ink Pad Set
An Iron

Select your colors and stamps. I did all of the dogs in Nebula, the Ribbon in Orion, and the trophy in Super Nova. I prefer the mini ink pads for this project because it allows you to put just the right amount of ink on and not over ink it. To use the mini pads with the larger stamps you gently tap the ink pad onto the surface of the stamp. I have a tutorial here, on how to use the mini pads. 

I stared stamping with the dogs, and then filled in with the trophy and ribbon. 

Once you are finished stamping let the ink dry for a few minutes, just to be safe and then heat set with an iron. Set your iron on cotton and iron for about 15 seconds. This will make the ink permanent. And now you are done! 

Stamp Storage

This blog post is a result of my mom needing a place to store all of her rubber stamps. She would forget which ones she had, and didn't have an organized place to keep them. She and I were at Ikea this weekend looking for something and came across the wooden drawers. (There is also a six drawer set for even more stamps!) Now, one of the great things about Felicette's ink pads is that they are multi-purpose and can be used on wood! 

Take your plain box

And all your stamps and ink pads

Then next start stamping the front of the drawers with what stamp will be inside!

By stamping on the outside what you have on the inside you get a colorful and well organized stamp storage. There are few things I love more than organizing! (and stamps)