Three Weekends, Three Shows

In the past three weeks we have traveled 2,400 miles through 13 states for three craft shows, and it was quite the journey! I wanted to show you a bit of the adventure especially since I don't share much about myself here. Renegade Chicago and Indie Craft Parade were incredible and I can't speak highly enough of the people who run them, volunteer for them, and shop them! 

In Chicago we hit the highlights, ate the pizza, and had a lot of fun!

Indie Craft Parade 2016

At Indie Craft Parade Lela Barker came by to meet me, and it may have been the highlight of my entire trip! I didn't get a photo with her (I was to busy fangirling) but I did screen capture her snapchat as a souvenir (that's not weird at all right?)


The whole trip ended with my first craft show back home here in New Orleans at my high school. And going back there was a trip all on it's own! 


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