Stamp Storage

This blog post is a result of my mom needing a place to store all of her rubber stamps. She would forget which ones she had, and didn't have an organized place to keep them. She and I were at Ikea this weekend looking for something and came across the wooden drawers. (There is also a six drawer set for even more stamps!) Now, one of the great things about Felicette's ink pads is that they are multi-purpose and can be used on wood! 

Take your plain box

And all your stamps and ink pads

Then next start stamping the front of the drawers with what stamp will be inside!

By stamping on the outside what you have on the inside you get a colorful and well organized stamp storage. There are few things I love more than organizing! (and stamps)

Make your own Coloring Books

Rubber stamps can be used as just more than embellishments, but I mean how great are they stamped on your envelope? You can also use them to make your own coloring books. Stamp the pages for your kids or have them do it. Bring them to restaurants for a little quiet time or pull them out on a rainy day!


You'll need:
Assorted Stamps and Ink Pads
Blank Cards for Stamping
Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils

Since your cards are already folded in half all you need to do is decide how many pages you want and then staple! I used three cards for my booklet. Staple inside the crease of each book to hold it together. 


Stamp your images inside the booklet to later be colored in. You can stamp them in all black (like regular color books) or use colored inks.


Now your book is ready to be colored in, or save it for later! 

Customer Photos!

My favorite, absolutely favorite thing about being a small business owner is getting see Felicette's products in the hands of happy customers! 

If you have made something with a Felicette stamp or have a pin as a part of your incredible flair collection, I would love to see it and share it! If you are on Instagram tag @FelicetteShop in the photo and use the official hashtag #lovefelicette or #madewithfelicette If you aren't on Instagram or your photos are private you can always email them to me! (

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