Magical Treat Bags

Halloween is coming! And while I am a firm believer that the witchcraft kit is for year round use, it really shines this time of year! 

Using this kit and a few coordinating stamp friends you can stamp your own bewitching gift bags. Fill them with candy for classroom presents, use them as an advent calendar, give them out to trick-or-treaters, or party guests if you don't want to stamp enough for the entire neighborhood. (that's a lot of stamping)

You'll need
Witchcraft Stamp Kit
Spellbook Stamp
Witch's Hat Stamp
Sitting Cat Stamp
Multi-Purpose Ink Pads (the kit comes with two, but you can ever have enough colors)
Blank Cotton Bags

Decide how many bags you will be stamping, and then start thinking about your color combinations and what you want on each bag!

Mix and match the spells with the cauldron and the wand for more versatility!

And just keep stamping until you have done all your bags.

Give the ink a few minutes to make sure it is dry and then heat set with an iron. Set your iron on "cotton" with NO steam and iron each bag for about 15 seconds. This will heat set the ink making it permanently adhere to the fabric.  

Library Stamp Kit

Picking a favorite out of my new stamp kits is like picking a favorite child (or in my case cat). Pretty impossible to do, and not to mention unfair to your children. You can't have a favorite child! But if I had to pick it would be Gidget, I mean the Library Stamp Kit.

When used together they make a pretty perfect book plate. But you can also separate them. Feeling minimalist? Just use the "This Book Belongs To," and sign your name under it? Now wanting to stamp in your books at all? No problem, use them to make cards and tags and fun scenes!

Instead of stamping the kit straight into your book, why not use vintage style Library Cards for a really nostalgic look?

Or skip the actual books altogether, add a cat and you have the most adorable stamped scene I have ever seen!

(Wendy & Suki, momma loves you too!)

Mix and Match Stamp Kits

When I was designing all of the new individual and rubber stamp kits I wanted them to be interchangeable and whole lot of fun to combine! The first set I drew was the Space Cat (of course), but when I got to its atomic age bubble helmet I thought how fantastic would it be if it could go on other stamps, like Dinosaurs, and Dogs, and Alpacas!

First lets take a look at just the space cat theme. Here is the Space Cat Kit with, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Sitting Cat stamps. The kit comes with two mini ink pads in Galactic Charm (hot pink) and Nebula (Aqua). You can find all of the colors here!

When you combine the kit with all of those individual stamps you get a pretty rad space scene!

Here are the individual stamps combined with the stamps of three different kits! The Space Cat's bubble helmet with the Poodle and the Brontosaurus stamp give you never ending quirky stamp fun!