from sketch to stamp

"I don't want a taco," said no one ever. Now you can share your taco love with everyone on your mailing list. Featuring an original drawing of a taco, each stamp can be personalized with your name and address.

When I start a new stamp design it can either be with a pencil and paper or my mouse in photoshop. For the taco address stamp it started with a sketch that I scanned into my computer to finish-up. 

Once scanned in I turn the image into a vector so it can be scaled without loosing any quality and add your address. 

When the file is ready I send it over to the laser's software to be engraved into the rubber and the wood block, that I have previously cut to size. I double check my settings on the machine, and then lasers are ready to fire!

Here the block has finished being engraved, and you can see inside of the laser a bit.

I may be fulfilling my own taco dreams vicariously through this one, I'm not ashamed to admit it. :) But this stamp is a great gift for that quirky bride and groom or your bestie for a fun housewarming present. 

Yeah tacos! Have a great rest of the week my nerds.

the branding story

Last week on Aeolidia's Blog they shared my story of how Felicette's brand was built, about how nervous I was, about other name options ("Kis-Kis", what was I thinking?) and ultimately how it all came together to be Felicette. It was fun reading over all of the weird things I said throughout the process, like when I first saw Sarah, the designer's, sketches I told her that she was "the most awesome of all the awesome sauces" (which BTW, she totally is)

So head over to their blog and let me know what you think if it all (and if I come across as weird as I think I do)



I can hardly believe that launch day (or relaunch day) has finally arrived. When I first started making stamps by hand almost seven years ago as a hobby, I had no idea that it would turn into all of this. Thank you for visiting our new home (on the internet). To celebrate our new brand and show how thankful I am you are here:

At the beginning of the year, when I decided to rebrand Doodlebug Design I knew I was in over my head immediately and reached out to Aeolidia for help. I have watched this company's work for years, only dreaming of working with them. And now I finally had my chance, but I was terrified. All of those mean voices in my head started to creep in screaming how could you hand over our business to strangers, it's our baby! But I knew I couldn't continue to grow as Doodlebug Design, I trusted them and I trusted myself (after they reassured me a bit). Over the next few months I worked with an amazing team, Natalia Sylvester on the name and Sarah Enid Connor on design, to create the name Felicette and the entire branding around it. When I look at my new logo, name and overall brand I get those cartoon stars in my eyes. I now have a brand that I love as much as my stamps. I have no regrets; working with Aeolidia was the best decision I could have made for my business.

In addition to the new brand and name, there are over 30 new rubber stamps. Including a shield monogram and a paper airplane. See them all here in the "new" shop section. 

While I have carved out a little corner of the internet for myself, Felicette will always have a home on Etsy. It's where I first got my start and have made so many friends. Visit our shiny new Etsy store here.

Thank you so much for joining me in the launch of my new brand; I hope you love it as much as I do.