Felicette - News 2017-08-15T12:29:42Z Felicette 2017-08-15T12:29:42Z 2017-08-15T12:29:42Z <![CDATA[How to Emboss on Wood and Acrylic]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Embossing is not just for paper. In this post I will talk about using embossing powder on both wood and acrylic. Now if you have read the previous intro to embossing posts you may be thinking, "I bet she is going to stamp on a slow drying ink, dust it with some embossing powder, and then heat set it." And yes, my very smart friend, that's exactly what's going to happen! If you need a refresher on "How to Emboss" see the introduction here

Being able to emboss on different surfaces can really open up your stamps to a whole new craft world. Think ornaments, acrylic tags, keychains, pottery! All with that glossy texture that is so wonderful about embossing. 

Lets start with wood, easier to emboss than acrylic, but still with its own challenges. Wood is very porous, and will try to soak up your ink a bit. Just work a little quicker than you would embossing on paper and it will be fine!

When stamping on acrylic, or glass, the surface is very very smooth and your stamp is going to want to slide on the surface. My biggest tip with stamping on slick surfaces is to be prepared and know ahead of time that your stamp isn't going to be very cooperative. Hold that sucker tight! Stamp straight down onto the surface and then straight back up. A firm, steady hand is key. If it did slide, immediately forgive yourself, wash off the surface, and try again!

Another tricky thing with acrylic is the static electricity. Your embossing powder is going to try to hold on for dear life! After knocking off the loose powder you may have to blow on it to get the rest off.

Acrylic is also VERY sensitive to heat. If you leave the heat gun on it for too long your acrylic will warp, melt or even catch on fire! So be very careful. If you see your acrylic starting to warp turn your heat off and let it cool. It may take a couple passes to get the embossing powder set this way, but so much better than starting a fire!

]]> 2017-08-07T07:59:44Z 2017-08-07T07:59:44Z <![CDATA[Clear Embossing Powder]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Clear embossing powder is a great tool to keep in your rubber stamp tool kit (totally a thing). And you can ease into the embossing powder world without dropping bags of money on lots of different powder colors.

Use clear embossing powder with the clear VersaMark on colored paper and it has a subtle & elegant spot gloss!

Use different color inks and then you essentially have different colored embossing! Here I used a dark blue ink with the clear powder. 

One fun way to use the clear embossing powder is as a resist, which means most paints and chalks won't stick to it's glossy raised surface. Try painting over the top with watercolor paints! Or use the lines to contain the paint to give a sharp edge to your projects. 

]]> 2017-07-31T12:45:46Z 2017-07-31T12:45:46Z <![CDATA[Introduction to Embossing]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Take your rubber stamp crafts to sparkly new heights (and textures)! Embossing creates unbelievably high-end professional looking results that is easy on your budget.

For this introduction to embossing I will be making monogramed stationery. 

You'll need
Monogram Rubber Stamp
Blank Cards & Envelopes
Heat Embossing Tool
Embossing Powder
VersaMark Ink Pad

Set your card on a larger sheet of paper. You will use this paper to funnel the remaining embossing powder back into it's jar.

Ink your magical monogram shield (I say magical because this stamp was inspired by a certain wizarding world) using the Versamark Ink Pad, and then stamp onto your paper.

Choose an embossing powder color – I used the Princess Gold Embossing Powder – & sprinkle liberally over the wet ink.

Shake off excess powder onto your paper and funnel it back into the jar. Gently though, you don't want to knock the powder off your stamped image. 

Using your embossing heat tool, heat image (holding the gun 3-5 inches from the surface) go back and fourth over the image until the powder has melted into a shiny liquid and rises, approximately 30 seconds. Depending on the embossing powder you used, this will create a raised, glossy or sparkly stamp impression. Gorgeous! 

*You want to avoid overheating the powder and burning your paper. This tool gets very HOT!

Allow embossed image to cool before touching it. I know it's beautiful and smooth and you just want to run your fingers over it. But learn from me, it's hot and still soft. You don't want that molten powder on you, or even worse, mess up your card!

For some extra fun, emboss the wax seal monogram rubber stamp to make it look like it is actually sealed with wax!

]]> 2017-07-25T12:31:24Z 2017-07-25T12:31:24Z <![CDATA[Stamped Watercolor Bookmarks]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Another school year is almost upon us, so that means "YAY" or I'm sorry to bring it up. Too soon?

Either way I want you to have cute bookmarks. Make them for your bookclub, classmates, teachers, and most importantly........yourself. 

You'll need
Rubber Stamps (Cameo stamp for a Jane Austen look)
Watercolor Paints (I use this set, but you can use any kind of water colors. Even the set that comes with kid's coloring books)
Blank Bookmarks (these are from A.C. Moore)

Select your tassel and coordinating paint color. I thought the dusty pink would be cute with a mustardy yellow. In hindsight, I should have gone with a light blue.....

Paint your bookmark. You can paint designs, use multiple colors, or fill the whole thing with a single color! Allow your paper to fully dry once you are done painting and then stamp on that design!

Tie on your tassel and your bookmark is complete! Did I hear bookmarks all around!?

Happy Stamping & Happy School Year!


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I love to see my creations in their new homes! I suppose technically, the first picture is a wedding and a magazine, but I'm counting it. Because thats my stamp in The Knot!
If you have made something with a Felicette stamp or have a pin as a part of your incredible flair collection, I would love to see it and share it! If you are on Instagram tag @FelicetteShop in the photo and use the official hashtag #lovefelicette. If you aren't on Instagram or your photos are private you can always email them to me! (





]]> 2017-06-27T11:25:55Z 2017-06-27T11:25:55Z <![CDATA[Stamped Trivet Clock]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Ready to use some power tools! Okay, it's one drill (or an awl if you don't have a drill) But still there aren't a lot of projects on here that let you use a power tool, but that ends today!

If you make this trivet clock, you’ll have the time of your life! Ha! 

You'll need:
Cork Trivet
Clock kit (make sure it is tall enough to go through your trivet)
Rubber Stamps
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
2 Pieces of Felt (or one for each color)
Drill or Awl to make the hole in the trivet

First find and mark the center of your trivet using a ruler on the back of the trivet. 

Then drill or make a hole making sure your clock piece fits through. I used a 5/16 drill bit.

Now decorate your clock! I wanted mine bright and 80's looking (but I think I got 90's Minnie Mouse) I started by painting the background a pink and let that fully dry.

Then added the stamps as bold details. Use this tutorial to see how to make your own "ink pads" with felt and acrylic paint.


Once your clock face is decorated and fully dry you can now assemble your clock according to the package instructions. 

Put in a battery and hang it on the wall! A lot of these clock kits don't have keyholes to hang them with; I used a Command Adhesive strip on the back of the clock mechanism.

Time flies when you are having fun!


]]> 2017-06-29T11:24:06Z 2017-06-29T11:24:06Z <![CDATA[Stamping Tips: Small Ink Pad and Large Rubber Stamp]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

It's inevitable, you find the perfect cat stamp and need the perfect color ink pad to go with it. You find the Electric pink of your dreams only for it to only be in a 1x1 ink pad, and your cat is 2x2 inches. Don't lose heart my friend! You can use that tiny ink pad on your big stamp. In fact, the majority of the ink pads in my collection are little. You get more colors for the money and they easily all fit into a drawer. 

The only thing your ink pad must have, is a raised surface. The raised surface of the ink pad makes it so you can stamp it onto any size stamp.

I mean it, any! This stamp is over four inches wide.

So what you do instead of the traditional way of inking your stamp, which is holding your stamp and then pressing it into the ink pad, you do the opposite. You lay your rubber stamp, rubber side up, on the table and hold your small ink pad. 

Then stamp all over the surface of your stamp with the ink pad until it is fully & evenly covered! It's a lot quicker to do than it sounds.

Happy Stamping!

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]]> 2017-06-26T12:34:01Z 2017-06-26T12:34:01Z <![CDATA[Stamped Rocks: A Memory Game]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Now, you might be thinking, "Oh my stars, she must have run out of things to stamp if she is stamping on rocks." Hahaha, but stay with me!  

I was trying to think of a game that is good for kids and traveling, and what came to mind, (excuse the pun) is Memory. The rocks are easy for little hands to turn over, and toss them in a cotton bag they travel super easy. 

You'll need
Even number of Rocks (flat, smooth & similar in size)
Various small rubber stamps (I used the Butterfly, Snail, Strawberry, and Star)
StazOn Ink Pad

First really clean your rocks, dirty rocks don't stamp well, and let them fully dry.

Once your rocks are dry, pair them up by size and mach them to the stamp that best fits their size. 

Stamp your rocks with your chosen designs. Two impressions of each to make a pair. I picked some nature and geometric shaped stamps. 

Allow your ink to dry for about 10 minutes

Get playing!

On a side note, finding an ink that would dry when stamped on rocks (without heat setting it) was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Each one of these colors is a different ink pad!

]]> 2017-06-19T11:42:39Z 2017-06-19T11:42:39Z <![CDATA[Stamped Star Shoes]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Independence Day is almost here, and why not celebrate Will Smith saving the planet (I kid) in full on patriotic style! I can't think of much more patriotic than red shoes with white stars and star laces unless you are wearing them to a BBQ that ends in fireworks.

This is a simple DIY that is basically white paint and a star stamp.  

You'll need
Canvas Shoes (these are from Target)
Star Rubber Stamp
Piece of Felt
Paint Brush
White Acrylic Paint

Since you are using acrylic paint you need to make your own "ink pad" using a piece of felt. Brush your paint onto the felt and make sure to put enough that it goes into the felt. You want the painted area to be about the size of your stamp.

Stamp the star into your new ink pad, getting an even coating of white on the stamp. While holding the inside of the shoe for support firmly and evenly press the stamp onto the surface of the shoe. 

Be sure to re-ink your stamp before every impression to ensure the stars are all the same even color. 

Continue this process of holding the inside of the shoe for support while you stamp filling your shoes with stars! 

Let them dry and have a fun and safe Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Stamping!


]]> 2017-06-12T13:24:00Z 2017-06-12T13:24:00Z <![CDATA[Stamped Fabric Labels]]> Lauren Quinn Ward  

There is no end to the amount of things you can do with rubber stamps! Trust me, after over two years of blog posts I still haven't run out of things to stamp. This DIY is as easy as stamp, iron, cut! 

With a name stamp you can make simple labels, and with a completely custom stamp you can have it say things like "Quilted by Cheryl" or "Handmade by Katie". This is even a great project for handmade business owners, make your own product labels and then also have the stamp for other projects and packaging!


You'll need
Stamps (Name Stamp or Custom Stamp)
VersaCraft Ink Pad
Cotton Ribbon (This is from Studio Carta)

Roll out your ribbon and then start stamping leaving at least one inch between each stamped name. Be sure to re-ink your stamp after each impression. 


Before you cut your labels, iron the ribbon on the "cotton" setting for approximately 15 seconds to heat set. 


Cut out the labels, and now you can either sew or glue them into your project!

Use them as clothing labels for camp, sew them onto your quilt as your signature, glue them onto a notebook or card to make your own stationary with style and texture!

]]> 2017-06-05T08:40:39Z 2017-06-05T08:40:39Z <![CDATA[Hand Stamped Handkerchiefs]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Father’s Day is coming up June 18th! And I originally did this post two years ago, but it has been so popular I wanted to reshare it. These handkerchiefs I made are still being carried around. I hung onto one of them, and it still looks great after lots of washes and living in my purse.  

This DIY is sure to put a smile on Dad's face. It is a special (and practical) gift that he can carry with him. These hand stamped handkerchiefs are simple enough for even the little ones to get involved.

You'll need:
Cotton Handkerchiefs
Ink for Fabric (I use VersaCraft)
An Iron

Now for the fun part! I stamped the imaged in a random pattern for some (wax seal and glasses) and in a half-brick for the others (see the crawfish and streetcar). You can use lots of colors with one stamp or several different stamps on one handkerchief. It's about having fun while making something Dad will enjoy. 

Once you have finished stamping the ink will need to be heat set. VersaCraft recommends that the “cotton” or “high” temperature setting be used for at least 15 seconds. I would also throw them in the dryer for a few minutes (just to be sure). 

Now you have a memorable and personal gift. Fold them into neat little squares, add a bit of butcher's twine and you are ready for Father's Day. 

You can do it, Go Team!

]]> 2017-05-30T10:00:49Z 2017-05-30T10:00:49Z <![CDATA[#lovefelicette]]> Lauren Quinn Ward
I love to see my creations in their new homes! All of these come from Instagram!

If you have made something with a Felicette stamp or have a pin as a part of your incredible flair collection, I would love to see it and share it! If you are on Instagram tag @FelicetteShop in the photo and use the official hashtag #lovefelicette. If you aren't on Instagram or your photos are private you can always email them to me! (




]]> 2017-05-23T10:34:35Z 2017-05-23T10:34:35Z <![CDATA[The National Stationery Show]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

The National Stationery Show is an annual wholesale trade show in New York City that specializes in paper and gift products. I have been dreaming of seeing this show in person for over five years, and it did not disappoint. It was my fist time in New York City and while we were only there about 24 hours we managed to squeeze in a bit of sight seeing. 

There were more than 750 vendors and walking it was overwhelming to say the least. I managed to completely miss one of my friend's booths, even though I wrote down her number before I even got there! Sonja of At Some Point Press has wonderful stationery, I mean look at her Instagram and see how great her space is! I've been so upset with myself. Here are a few of the booths I was able to stop and see!

The Little Red House

Smarty Pants Paper Co. 

Lionheart Prints

Casey Barber Shop

Frankie & Claude

]]> 2017-05-16T11:01:12Z 2017-05-16T11:01:12Z <![CDATA[Stamped Place Cards]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Are you not the best calligrapher or hand letterer, but want that look for your shower or party? I am right there with you! I can letter names and text one at a time and can do it for stamps, but to attempt place cards, I would need a ton of spares.

By stamping the cards you don't have to letter each lady's name in your bridal party or those who came to your baby shower, and BONUS you also have a parting gift for them!

These are already made placecards I picked up at Target in their bargain bin, and custom made name stamps for the people in attendance at the shower. It is as easy as stamping on their name and letting the ink dry!

Once you are done stamping, pair the stamp with a set of blank notecards and a little ink pad, and you have a wonderfully special gift for your friends. 

Happy Stamping!

]]> 2017-05-08T14:50:25Z 2017-05-08T14:50:25Z <![CDATA[Stamped Watercolor Cards]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Instead of stamping on a plain piece of paper, why not give your background a little flair? Painting a quick watercolor background is an easy way to add color and personality. And you can totally say, "I painted that."


You'll need
Rubber Stamps (Thank You, Tandem Bicycle)
Watercolor Paints (I use this set, but you can use any kind of water colors. Even the set that comes with kid's coloring books)
Blank Cards & Envelopes

Start by brushing water across your paper where you will be painting. Then add your color. Starting with small amounts, let the water move the color around for you. For a more blended look use more water. You can always add more color and keep building your layers, but to start, keep it light! 

If you end up with too much water on your paper, and it is taking forever to dry, use a paper tower to dab up (is that a phrase?) the excess.

Allow your cards to fully dry. You don't wan't your ink to run.

Stamp on your images, and you are done! 

]]> 2017-05-01T18:23:17Z 2017-05-01T18:23:17Z <![CDATA[Stamped Spring Flower Pot]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Last year I stamped this pot and I loved it so much I wanted to reshare it with you today! This pot is a great present for mother's day or for your spring container garden.

You'll need:
Butterfly Rubber Stamp
VersaCraft Ink Pads
Flower Pot
Flowers (these are Verbena)

The technique to stamp on a curved surface like a flower pot is to gently and slowly roll the stamp on the surface so all the edges stamp onto the pot.

Start with one color and stamp all over the pot leaving room for the second color of butterflies. 

Now stamp with the second color! The best ink colors to use on terra cotta are ones that have a white base. Here I used white and baby pink. Other good colors to use are baby blue and pale lilac. The white in the ink stands out on the dark terra cotta.

Allow the ink to completely dry and then plant your flowers!

Happy (early) Mother's Day to my mom and yours!

]]> 2017-04-25T12:35:49Z 2017-04-25T12:35:49Z <![CDATA[Mother's Day Gift Ideas]]> Lauren Quinn Ward

Mother's Day is just around the corner and why not put together a thoughtful gift! Pair the sweet silhouette stamp with some funky neon ink pads and add a set of blank cards mom will be able to make her own stationery. Who knows, maybe she will send you a card addressed to "favorite"

]]> 2017-04-17T10:59:15Z 2017-04-17T10:59:15Z <![CDATA[Cast your vote!]]> Lauren Quinn Ward I know I love giving out my opinions, and now I want to hear yours! I have been furiously working on new products and I wanted to give you a chance to weigh in two of my new stamp designs will be these two dinosaurs, and they need a couple plants to go with them. Because what are dinosaurs without prehistoric plants for them to walk around in and much on?

I have it down to three basic sketches but only need two. Here is where you come in, which are your two favorites? Let me know in the comments and the two with the most votes will become a part of the new collection. 

Which is your fav? Leave a comment below!

]]> 2017-04-10T10:21:46Z 2017-04-10T10:21:46Z <![CDATA[Stamped Envelope Liners + Templates]]> Lauren Quinn Ward Happy Teacup Envelope Liners

It's National Letter Writing month and a great way to personalize all those special envelopes you will be sending out this April is to make and decorate your own liners! Writing a letter to your cat niece (which I may or may not be doing)? Use the Meow Banner! How about to your best friend on the other side of the country letting her know you are thinking of her? The Happy Teacup is always looking to send love to someone!

You'll need
Stamps (I may have a few of those for you)
Ink Pads
Liner Templates (see in the instructions below for the different size templates)
Glue (or double-sided tape)

The two envelopes I will be using are the A7 Euro flap (with the deep V) and the A2 Wallet flap (squared off, no V). A7 and A2 refer to the size of the envelope. A7 envelopes are 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches and A2 is 4 3/8 x 5 3/4 inches. 

First download and print one of my envelope liner templates I made just for you. (Euro Flap A2 & A7 - Wallet Flap A2 & A7) You can either use this template as your liner or cut it out and use it to trace onto your desired paper.

Stamp all over your paper, decorating the liner for your special recipient!

Cut out your liner, being sure to not leave any of the template marks.

Insert the liner into the envelope; fold the flap to crease. Then lift the flap, keeping the liner folded, and apply only a couple dots of glue around the liner edge. You don't need much to hold it in. And too much glue will make your paper wet and ripple. 

Fold down the envelope flap onto the liner, rubbing to smoothly adhere. And you are done!

Happy Stamping and Letter Writing!

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I love to see my creations in their new homes! These are either from Instagram or sent directly to me.

If you have made something with a Felicette stamp or have a pin as a part of your incredible flair collection, I would love to see it and share it! If you are Instagram tag @FelicetteShop in the photo and use the official hashtag #lovefelicette. If you aren't on Instagram or your photos are private you can always email them to me! (

Both images submitted by customers on Etsy